Female leadership is highlighted once again in the tourist sector in Nicaragua, this time with the name of Claire Poncon, synonymous with much success, work, effort and dedication, not only in the agricultural sector where jointly with her husband she has been devoted to, but also in the hotel industry for which she was awarded as the 2014 tourist entrepreneur by the Top Private Enterprise Board. (COSEP).

She is slim, white skin, smiling, kind and good looking. She says she is not flirtatious as she releases her silver -color hair and models for these pictures. She arrived in Nicaragua 40 years ago with her one-year –old son with the purpose to accompany her husband, an agronomist who had come to provide with technical support, but she was trapped by the natural beauty of this country and ever since, she works very hard to preserve the nature of the country which she considers that has a great potential for the tourism industry and also has hosted her.

“Visitors seek something different from what they may find in Panama, Miami or in Thailand. To me, the tourism in Nicaragua does not have to be fast. Por follower but to be genuine through the best of its traditions”, says the businesswoman. Poncon

She adds, “You can go to Corn Island or Little Corn Island and you can find them different from Hawaii or Costa Rica where I think they have copied the tourist style of other countries over the world. It is true that it looks good but it does not have this authentic style that you can find in Ometepe, for instance. We do not need to copy that, instead, every one of us should get the best of our places and show it to visitors.’’


Claire, holds a degree in Economics, she owns the first ecolodge hotel in the country, one of the most famous worldwide for its unique style. Morgan’s Rock is located in San Juan del Sur at El Aguacate farm, 140 kilometers away from Managua. It is a breakthrough proposal in Nicaragua which has contributed greatly to
the promotion of the country as a competitive destination with a service offer of high quality. Several magazines and media of international prestige such as National Geographic Explorer, Conde Nast Traveler, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal and Air France have published articles and broadcast documentaries about this ecolodge which they have positioned as one of the best in the world.

Poncon says that this hotel has been a real challenge since this farm had been purchased with the purpose of reforesting with hardwood. Nevertheless, the opportunity to raise awareness of this large forest came up with the concept of an “ecolodge”, with 15 huts made of extracted wood from the same place which allows the environment to be preserved and to give the tourist the ease and comfort found in any other hotels.
“The visitor who stays at Morgan’s Rock is attracted by contact with nature and great privacy because this farm is so large. They can go for a walk, do kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, go for a walk at night and see wildlife among other activities”, says Poncon.

“It is this freedom which does not exist in other countries anymore that tourists like most. Even families with children never get bored here because they always have a lot of activities. This is why we have mixed everything with Nicaraguan customs. Therefore, people see something different from what they have seen in other hotels over the world’’, she says.

To Claire all projects that have been carried out by her family can be seen around the hotel. It is a ‘’showcase of tourism’’ and investment since the packages that Morgan’s Rock offers can show the richness of culture in Nicaragua to tourists.


To this successful businesswoman, the formula to achieve this goal is to do ones best and to be very passionate about it. “Those who want to invest here should bring not only money but passion”.

“Nicaraguans want to work and they absorb everything they are taught. Those who come with passion can make it, but those who come to increase only their money without passion, I do not think this is the right country for them”, highlighted the economist.

She also emphasizes that “The best capital that the country has is the local people because they never get tired or bored. They are also helpful. Here families are small entrepreneurs; everybody does something at least. No one remains crossed arms. I think that this is a great richness since the people are not lazy. They never expect anything from the government because they know they have to do something to make their living”.

No doubt the success achieved by Morgan’s Rock and its positioning among the best ecolodges over the world would not have been possible without the passion and vision of this French lady with Nicaraguan heart who is an example to follow.

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