Ometepe the biggest and the most beautiful (Demo)

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America with the largest lake in the region.  It is the second largest in Latin America, the tenth largest in the world, and the only one with freshwater sharks. Within Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca is Ometepe, the largest island of volcanic origin in the world. It is flanked by two volcanoes, an inactive one named Maderas and an active one named Concepción.

The beauty of Ometepe is so great with rivers, a natural pool known as “ojo de agua” and the San Ramón waterfall. In Ometepe. There are also two museums, The Numismatic, which tells the history of Nicaragua with coins and bills, and The Pre-Columbian Museum, which displays more than 1,500 ancient pieces that were found on the same island.

Ometepe participated in the contest of the Seven Wonders of the World. Although it was not selected as one of the twenty eighth finalists, it reached the seventy seventh position out of 440 nominees.