For those working in the tourism industry speaking other languages, to speak English, is not an option, is a need to communicate and serve in the home language of those who visit us. Even more so, knowing that the vast majority of tourists visiting Nicaragua are English speakers or speak English as a second language, and due to the high demand, it is urgent that the business sector ensure the quality of service through the training of its employees in English.

The scope of English speakers falls short against the demand for a sector characterized by dynamism and growth. Therefore the owners of hotels, restaurants, tour operators, airlines, including urgently need a work force that speaks English, but face the dilemma of preparing a staff that rotates easily or does not have the resources for their training. Practically it is an industry that feels frustrated, because to learn English there are two years of study, with 720 hours of instruction and a cost approximately $ 2,000.

Yet amid this scenario, it has been necessary that some restaurants and hotels have taken the initiative to facilitate the process of teaching English to their employees and instruct them on the job using innovative and useful techniques to fit their work methodologies.


Xiomara Diaz, CEO of Garden Café in Granada, is betting on teaching all the staff to speak English whether they stay in the business or not.

“To me, anyone working in tourism and living in Granada should speak English, because we live in a tourist town and is vital for communication. So far we have trained two employees, but in my head I have put a cook that must speak English. If tomorrow I bring an American chef to train, people cooking should speak English to understand. “
Diaz says that your employees feel empowered and excited about the teachings of a four-month English language course specializing in the tourism sector and offered in their workplace with the Nicaraguan American Cultural Center (NPPs).

“For the tourist, just to say welcome in their language, feels great”. As a company we also have benefited directly and we have managed to reduce mistakes in orders because the servers now have a base language. This is where the importance of investing in people is, because they directly improve sales, and with the best worker performance we improving the business environment of the country. Many entrepreneurs do not invest because they think that person will go to another Local, but I think we should think more about the future and think about the development of the country “.

“Before serving a foreigner was torture for me and we made it through signals. However, after the course I received from the NPP, I learned how to welcome, seat them and offer our menu. I can talk to them about all the basics related to my work. When they want to talk more I explain that I am studying their language. Those talks with foreigners help me to learn more, “says Daniel Mora Lacayo (35years) who has five years of working as a waiter at Garden Café.

Mora Lacayo explained that the English course that he received gave him the tools to function in varias situations of their work. “The teacher came up to our workplace and made us talk.”


Humberto Fajardo is 42 years old, four of which were spent working with Garden Café, has received the first English course and it was a very good experience “At first I was really nervous to talk to strangers and have them not understand me. Now I see it as part of my regular routine work. I learn and practice daily with tourists, but there are others who speak Spanish and want to practice with us, although very few, because 90 percent of those who come to Granada speak English. “

Garden Café manager said next step in training their staff will be soon because they have signed an agreement with an NGO who will provide support regarding the english and the hospitality.

Same experience has been had by Juan Carlos Herrera who works in the restaurant of Hotel Contempo Managua. “I received an English course first hand by NPP. After that I lost the fear of speaking. We made presentations on the situations and conversations I have daily in my work. It was pretty tiring because there were four months from 8: 00 am to 10:00 am and the night before we left work very tired, but it was worth the effort.

I can now say that I serve with more confidence with tourists and they are more satisfied. To improve my English, I watch movies in that language and broaden my vocabulary. It has helped me so much to talk with a coworker who speaks perfect “.

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