Nicaragua, the new destination to discover, has so many new places English to enjoy that have captured the attention of the specialized international media. This land is a multi-destination tropical paradise that is ideal for those who seek authentic experiences and perfect rests at luxury resorts, so we are recommending 12 paradisiacal places full of comfort and exclusivity.



Anchored on Costa Esmeralda, Tola, Rivas and equipped with 39 residences, 16 villas, 23 mountain cabins, an 18-hole golf course, 6 spas with therapies from different countries, it is a paradise waiting to be discovered. It faces 150 kilometers of white sand beaches and is surrounded by lush coastal forests inhabited by monkeys, parakeets, and parrots, among other animals. You can hike in the forest, ride bicycles or horses, play golf, dive, surf, kayak or just relax by the pool with a cocktails.


Aqua is the first beach hotel in Central America to be associated with the renown international brand of luxury resorts: Six Senses by Lionheart Capital, developer of residences and The Ritz Carleton of Miami Beach hotel chain. It is located on Redonda Bay in Tola, on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The complex is a rustic-luxury refuge with ecologically designed rooms at the top of trees, which are decorated with natural wood, making it ideal for travellers seeking luxury, comfort and tranquility. Its lush vegetation is rich in fauna, including howler monkeys, iguanas, all types of birds, and its white sand beach reveals turtles laying their eggs as well as the birth of baby turtles. Free yoga classes on a wooden platform with an ocean view. Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment, paddleboards and kayaks.



This is a resort for occasional and residential tourists, located in Tola, on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It has 1,100 hectares of hills and two miles of rocky coastline divided into five different beaches. Visitors can enjoy the ocean, mountains and beautiful views of the valley at a number of points. Its restaurant “La Finca y el Mar” provides a delicious menu made from products grown in its organic garden. Available activities include the spa, yoga, surfing, swimming, diving and kayaking.


Located on nearly unexplored Little Corn Island (less than 3 km2 in area), it is an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful haven far from noise, technology and automobiles. This island can be reached by a 30 minute boat ride across the Nicaraguan Caribbean waters. It has 16 “jungle chic” cabins, with large windows that look out onto the deep turquoise waters beckoning visitors to go diving and enjoy the coral reefs. A spa, yoga, and restaurant and bar service are available.



It is located in the center of Lake Nicaragua, in the Granada islands (isletas). It is a sustainable luxury ecotourism made up cottages, above the ground, that blend into the natural surroundings, with no air conditioning except for the coolness of nature. There is a bar, restaurant and terrace. Despite being on an island, it gives visitors an exquisite culinary experience through breakfast, lunch and dinner, with dishes inspired by the world’s cuisine and prepared with local, fresh ingredients, although the menu is centered on fresh fish from the lake and the nearby Pacific Ocean. There is swimming both in Lake Nicaragua and in the open air pool, hiking, yoga, spa services, and you can even catch your own fish!


Located 173 kilometers west of Managua and surrounded by mangroves, oak forests and fruit trees, it has access to serene canals and an impressive view of the lake and San Cristobal volcano (the highest in Nicaragua). It has 19 luxury rooms that guarantee its guests complete rest, a tennis court, heliport, pools, two docks, an ecological park, restaurant and yacht club. It is the only marina in Nicaragua and has pleasant weather and water, while also being connected to the rest of the world. Its charms include the presence of whales, the abundance of marlins, sailfish, dorado, grouper, snapper, rooster fish, corvina, Jack Crevalle, mackeral, among others. There is plenty to do here; take a long walk on the pristine beach, a swim in the warm waves, a stroll through the mangroves, kayak, play tennis (two professional courts) or table games (ping pong and foosball), surf.


Located in San Juan del Sur, in the Hacienda El Aguacate (140 kilometers south of Managua), it is a private protected nature reserve, with 15 cabins made from materials native to the location, It has magnificent terraces, restaurants, a lounge bar, pool and spa. Tourists can walk (in the daytime or at night), kayak, dive, fish, take horseback rides, surf. Those who have visited this resort say that it is “the perfect place to disconnect from the world and enjoy nature. Also almost all of the food available in the restaurant is produced on the farm, and the patterns of sustainability are surprising”.



Located in San Juan de Nicaragua (in the north), it has 13 cabins made of wood, a billiards room, terraces, pool and restaurant. It is the perfect balance between comfort and adventure. From the hotel, the Indio Maíz Nature Reserve, Laguna Azul and Caribbean sea are easily accessible. Elevated trails link nature to the cabins, restaurant, pool and bar. Fishing, bird watching, hiking and kayaking can be explored.


Located in the heart of the colonial city of León, its colonial design transmits the elegance of the era. It offers its history, architecture and religious art through a complete collection of Central American colonial religious art, the sight of which is truly an experience. Its 31 double rooms and one suite await its guests. It also has two rooms for events and meetings with a capacity for 220, a gym and gardens. The haute cuisine “El Victoriano” restaurant offers a variety of international dishes.


Located across from Parque Colón or the Central Park in the colonial city of Granada, this hotel was an elegant colonial home that has been restored to its original architectural state, with interior patios including gardens and a pool, and balconies with views of the park and cathedral. It has a pool and bar where you can enjoy a welcome cocktail, the macuá, which is the national drink of Nicaragua. Outside the hotel, take a ride in a horse drawn carriage to see the sights of the city, and enjoy the intense nightlife that the city has to offer.


StaMaNestled in the highlands of the northern region of Matagalpa, this property was acquired by Leopoldo Salazar in 1920 to grow coffee due to the exceptional location, the nice pleasant weather and the beautiful landscape, Salazar and his wife Esmeralda Arguello opened a small mountain lodge. The nicaraguan Bianca Jagger, first wife of the famous Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, was one of the many important guests in Santa Maria de Ostuma. It is oriented to eco/ educational tourism, academic and research groups as well as tourists. Those who live and work in the Reserve practice sustainable farming in the production of shade grown coffee, flowers, leather leaf ferns, vegetables and dairy cattle.


La Gran Francia is a huge ancestral home located in the heart of city of Granada, Nicaragua, it ́s existence dates back to the year 1524 when the city of Granada was founded.This architectural beauty was restored in 1990 recovering its original splendor and nowadays is the site of an elegant hotel that offers all the modern amenities and comforts such as air conditioning, pool, restaurant, 2 bars and a convention center.

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